Welcome to the Anxious Dogs of Australia Group. The purpose of this group is for members to be able to share their good days as well as not so good days.! To offer information and advice (see Topics below) while giving support to owners who have dogs with behavioural problems, particularly reactivity (overreactinging to stimuli). Separation anxiety and other anxiety disorders!

We welcome all folk interested in canine behavioural problems including professionals in the field, such as behavioural trainers, vets, vet nurses and vet behaviourists .

This group is force free and we do not support punishment based methods. The group admins are entitled to deny entry to any member they choose. They are also allowed to unsub members that don’t comply with the house rules.-

New posts are moderated and need admin approval before sending into the group, please post in giving a brief intro along with your questions or stories about your dogs.

Problems of Behaviour can be divided into two main types: training problems that can be solved up at the local obedience club. Or behavioural problems that stem from anxiety but can also be due to particular phobias, such as thunderstorm phobias.

behavioural problems , TRICKS, BRAIN GAMES, NOSEWORK etc .

Punishment based techniques, punishment trainers. We do not advocate this topic asking that advice on these lines not be espoused on the group. Please respect this rule when posting as it is not up for debate or discussion.This included "balanc
ed trainers and training"

Members help:
If you have a problem or need any help via private mail please contact list owner Pat Robards

Advertising is allowed on this group (seminars, trainers and training classes etc must be force free). Out of courtesy please first seek approval from list owner Pat Robards before posting. Advertising considered inappropriate for this group may be removed at the discretion of the list manager.

blocking of an admin:
No blocking of admins! It is the group's policy that anyone who does so will be banned from the group.

Please send your recommendation to the admins for trainers and behaviourists (this means anybody who cannot write a prescription) (Pat, Bernardina, Michele, Chee or Stephanie).

Behavioural trainers recommended by the Anxious Dog Group are force free, professional members of the Pet Professional Guild of Australia http://ppgaustralia.nft.au/ or the Delta Institute. http://www.deltasociety.com.au/pages/delta-institute.html and the APDT of Australia http://www.apdt.com.au/ Trainers are listed on their website.

Training methods used here:
The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) recommends the use of positive reinforcement training methods for dogs as the preferred method of training.

Posts that criticise the group, admins or another member will be deleted. It deflects from positive dog related topics and we will not allow the group to be a stage for personal grievances.

Files Area:
A listing of behavioural trainers, veterinary behaviourists, animal behavourists, vets interested in behaviour and other great resources can be found in the Files area.




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