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Melisa Starling - Creature Teacher
4paws university - training articles
Dognition for yellowodog

Sophia Chin
Stacy's Wag 'N' Train - Stacy Breathlessness 


Child Abuse genes

ACE (Acepromazine) see medication


Dog Acupressure Chart and Pressure Points


What is Adaptil


Surviving our dog’s adolescence - Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.
Top 10 tips – for the Adolescent Dog Owner - Nancy Tanner



Aggression Chirag Batal
Aggression and Reactivity in dogs – Managing and Treating Aggression - WHY ARE DOGS AGGRESSIVE  When a dog aggresses, he surpasses his stress threshold, causing his limbic system (the emotional brain) to take over as he prepares for flight or fight.
ABRANTES - Critical Reasoning—on Aggression and Dominance
Aggression: Before the Game Begins by Pam Dennison
AGGRESSION - There are many different reasons for aggression. Because aggression is so complex,
Aggression Ladder
Aggression Ladder
Aggression OR reactivity? Tricia McConnell and Pia Silvani
Aggression dog to dog Tricia McConnell
Aggression proactive and active
Aggression Red Zone Dogs - Glasgow Dog Trainer
Amygdala Why Are Dogs Aggressive
AVERSIVES - Why we won’t use aversives to treat your dog’s aggressive behaviours
What you should know firs

Behavior Problems Associated with Aggression
Confrontational Techniques Elicit Aggression - Patricia McConnell
CURING - Can You Cur
e Aggression with All Positive Methods? (VIDEO)
Different kinds
DOG/DOG AGGRESSION. Linda Michaels, M.A.,
Dominance - Forget dominance: Fear-based aggression in dogs
Fence Fighting
HUNGER - Hungry mice aggressively pursued prey during laser stimulation — but not mice that were not hungry.
HUNTING - Flipping A Switch In The Brain Turns Lab Rodents Into Killer Mice
Ken Ramriez - High-level advanced training is implemented with dog for at least one year while avoiding exposure to aggression triggers
Treating anxiety is different than 'managing' the problem
Ladder of aggression poster
Ladder of Aggression FB
Leash Aggression - Your Best Choice: Avoid On-Leash Greetings Altogether -
Leash Aggression - Mad About Leashes, or How to Manage Leash Aggression
LETTER - An Open Letter to my Clients with Aggressive Dogs
Modifying Aggressive behaviour using DR by Zurison /the-articles/aggression-some-reasons-behind-it
Multi- Dog Household Aggression By Pat Miller
Pro-active V/s Reactive

Redirected Aggression, Why it is so Dangerous and Why You Don’t Think About it
Reduced - Aggression and Fear Can Be Reduced in Specific Dog Breeds
Signs of Aggression
STILLNESS - The Threat of Stillness BY Nicole Wilde
Teaching an Aggressive Dog How to Be Social Around Other Dogs - Ian Dunbar
The Threat of Stillnesss
Understanding Aggression in Dogs ! - Every dog has a different ‘aggression threshold’"

Allelomimetic Behavior?

Does Your Dog Show Allelomimetic Behavior?

allostatis stress
- trigger stacking

allostasis and allostatic load: acheiving stability in the midst of change
Joan Rivers allostatic load 2.43
John Putz: Understanding depression through allostatic load
The Allostatic Load cartoon
Why do I feel so lousy? Robyn Williams 11.22

allostatic load In the dog world, we often talk about trigger stacking.

Unloading Allostatic Load - Dr. Don Bosch,
The Neuromechanisms Of Resilience & Why It Is Vital To Dog Behaviour -TRIGGER STACKING
cartoon -
The Allostatic Load


How the Alpha Roll Can Turn Your Puppy Into An Aggressive Dog
THe myth of being alpha

alpha roll

How the Alpha Roll Can Turn Your Puppy Into An Aggressive Dog


Amygdala - Amygdala hijack fight or flight response|how to stop anxiety
Six steps to unthinking response, or why do our dogs not hear us?  If the fear response is triggered, then the amygdala floods the cortex with chemicals to stop it taking over.
Amygdala Hijack in Action! CARTOON
Amygdala Is NOT the Brain's Fear Center Le Doux
AMYGDALA - Full Blown Amygdala Hijack
AMYGDALA - Your Brain on Stress and Anxiety (SCENT)
AMYGDALA - What Is the Connection Between the Amygdala And Anxiety?
AMYGDALA Small with stress on kids
amygdala - Emotional Intelligence in Leadership - disagreeing is start
DEFINITION - Amygdala hijack

Learning from an amygdala hijack
Early life stress can leave lasting impacts on the brain
The Amygdala Hijack In Action – A Video Example
The Bypass System - If the fear response is triggered, then the amygdala floods the cortex with chemicals to stop it taking over
Amygdala Fear Response
Amygdala Hijack - Stop the Amygdala Hijack in its Tracks!
Amygdala hijack fight or flight response|how to stop anxiety ANXIOUS ALL THE TIME
Amygdala Hijacking stoopid part of your brain
AMYGDALA HIJACK "When you experience something fearful or unpleasant, a memory of this is stored in the amygdala. When you encounter this object or situation again, an immediate fear response is triggered. This fear response causes you to experience anxiety and triggers the fight or flight response."

Amygdala - How Your brain works (Peta Clarke)
Amygdala in Five Minutes Joseph LeDoux
Amygdala - Trish King!
Amygdala: the Neurophysiology of Clicker Training - Karen Pryor
BREATHING - Calm Down and Release the Amygdala
FEAR- The Chemistry of Fear - Bytesize Science

DOGS Contexts and cues: the reactive dog brain
DOGS - What you may not know about rewarding a dog’s fear or aggression
Forebrain - Hindbrain
DOG TRAINING Amygdala and fear
How the body responds to stress
Joseph LeDoux - the flight and fight fear response
Joseph LeDoux The Amygdala in 5 Minutes - Where Pavlovian Associations are Made
Lizard Brain - Overpowering Your Lizard Brain - Seth Godin

Neuropsychological foundations of CU training
Neuroplasticity in Brief
Our Emotional Pets - Panseek
PUPPIES The Neuromechanisms Of Resilience & Why It Is Vital To Dog Behaviour
Reactive Dogs and Exercise
Re-directed - The Danger of Redirected Aggression in Dogs
Researchers erase fearful memories in mice.
Stress Makes us Stupid! - “Stress makes us stupid”—because stress shuts down the thinking part of the brain so that we can respond to threat instinctively and reflexively

Understanding Where Fear Comes From By Carol Gannaway
VETS - Anxiety at the Vet Clinic?
What is an Amygdala Hijack?
What Was I Thinking? Handling the Hijack


Why Don’t Dogs Get Angry More Often? - Patricia McConnell

animal training

How to Train Your First Animal


antidepressants see Medication


‘A’ is for anxiety by Dr. Kate - . Anxiety means ‘the anticipation of future danger or misfortune’ GADS - More Than Meets the Eye
Generalised Anxiety Disorder
Is it anxiety or a training problem? - Adelaide Veterinary Behaviour Services
Karen Overall Treating anxiety is different than 'managing' the problem
Myth: Anxiety Medication Should Only be used as a Last Resort
SELF SOOTHING - Canine Anxiety And Self-Soothing Dogs!
Signs of anxiety
Social Anxiety in dogs
VET- Dog Anxiety at the Vet Clinic?
What Anxiety Is, and How It Differs from Stress
Why Punishing Anxiety Doesn't Work!


Dog Decoder - learn to read dog



Smiling - Disclaimer, this has some techniques we don't endorse. Otherwise great information.

applied behavioural analysis

Classical Conditioning
The Matching Law, Key To Dog Behavior Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. - In animal training, we could certainly identify many instances where this law applies and could be used to modify the environment for better and faster results.

Susan Freidman
- The behavior of individuals is always a study of one. The key to changing behavior is changing conditions.


Arousal Level in Dogs - To Encourage Play or to Encourage Focus.
If a dog can become aroused and then calm down quickly, that is the key to a thinking and controlled dog. Controlling arousal levels for dog training. - Glasgow Dog Trainer The emotion is the spark, a dog that is frightened at the spark). The Arousal is a fuel to keep the flame going. So if we can reduce the fuel we can reduce the arousal that's going on behind the emotion

Arousal. Good, Bad or ? by Pam Dennison

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Keeping Safe - Susanne Clothier
Does Arousal Lead to Reactivity?

Signs of Arousal
Understanding Emotional Intelligence: The Amygdala Hijack

assistance dog see Service Dog

attention to owner - see Look at me

ATTENTION - Unpleasant intereaction
When Dogs Don't Enjoy Attention


A brain link to autism

aversives see Punishment




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