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ALPHA ROLL - ‘Alpha-Rolled’ Cockerpoo for Being Scared
Avoidance isn't learning to Deal with the Problem - Again, this is another 'yes' and 'no' thing
BROKEN - . Fearful dogs are not broken
Canine Stress Relievers: Seven Tips from Natural Remedies to Medications by
Diane Garrod
Chemistry of Fear - Bytesize Science
Cookies -
You Can’t Cure MY Fear By Shoving Cookies at Me! Eileen Anderson
EROUS - Why Fear Is the Most Terrifying and Dangerous Doggy Behavior
Creating Fear - How Fear Works
Excitement and Fear - why do we fear?
FEAR - Face the Fear
Fear- treated fear can return BAT
Fearful dogs
Fearful Dogs – seeing the world in detail - Dogs only act well when they feel safe. Truth.
FEARFUL Living With and Loving a Fearful Dog
Fear Factor - Experiencing fear is not pleasant. Any human will tell you this
Fear in Dogs - Trish King Fear isn't in control of the conscous brain
FEAR IN DOGS: Defining, Understanding, Helping (Trish King)
Fear In Dogs part 1 to 6 (Dogs don't have a cerebral cortex like a human, they don't have reasoning ability
FEAR - Fear of Men Patricia McConnell
FEAR- Nothing To Fear
Fear of People

Fear of people Van Fleet
Fear in young dogs - video Michael Ellis
Fearful Dogs
Fearful dogs & trauma & abuse

Fear Incubation - Why is my dog still lunging and barking?
FEAR - New Scientific Findings about How to Treat Fear in Dogs
Fear never goes away - the power of padding
FEAR - The physiologic effects of fear
FEAR - Treated fear can return – even to the next generation
FEAR - What happens to fear if left untreated? Wes Anderson
Five Golden Rules for Working with Fearful Dogs by Nicole Wilde

MEN - Fear of Men – Why are some dogs more wary of men?
Understanding Fear Periods in Dogs
SICK - How Fear Can Make Your Dog Sick

fear periods see Sensitive period

feeling safe
See safety


Roll Bar Fence DIY - Keep Your Pets In & Others Out


Reliability and the Retrieve: Justifying the Ear Pinch? by Suzanne Clothier
Is Fetching Really All That “Fetching” for Dogs?
The Trouble With “Fetch”


Dogs are Animals and Animals Fight.

fight or flight

Amygdala -
"geek Speak" Fight, Flight or Freeze Response
Anxiety - Anxiety is actually an automatic, "built-in" response to perceived threats that allows us to do what is necessary to protect ourselves whenever we encounter danger
Fight or flight - animation
Fight or flight -freeze
fight or flight response: Our body's response to stress - The difference between anxiety and fear
Flight or Fight response - What are the signs that our fight or flight response has been stimulated (activated)?

FIGHT/FLIGHT RESPONSE - The rough guide to the fight-or-flight response
FIGHT/FLIGHT RESPONSE - Understanding the Dog Fight or Flight Response

Fight Or Flight Response how fear works
Fight or Flight Animation
Fooling around by By Laura VanArendo.
Four F's of Fear
Fooling around - Fear is Funny. No, really, it can be funny.
Four F's - The sympathetic nervous system is activated by stress and is responsible for stimulating activities associated with the fight-or-flight response and the second half of the involuntary or autonomic nervous system, the parasympathetic nervous system helps the subject engage in vegetative, relaxing activities
Reinforcing Fear - Dog Star Daily
Seeing the world in detail by NancyTanner Why? Why does a Fearful Dog want all of this information, why such detail to the environment?
SICK - How Fear Can Make Your Dog Sick
The Four F's of Fear Fooling around “Fooling around” is perhaps the most easily misunderstood reaction because it is a displacement behavior
TIGER cartoon


Building a Den
Den for fireworks
HERE COME THE FIREWORKS - where's your dog?
How to Build a Den for noise
Fear, Fireworks & Neuroplasticity: What you should never do when your dog is afraid -
Fireworks Grisha Stewart
Neuroplasticity:- What you should never do when your dog is afraid
Sound Proof Den Cam Day

fish ol

flank sucking - see ocd

FLIGHT/FIGHT see flight/fight


flooding example
Sink or Swim: 8 Ways You Might Be Flooding Your Dog
Full Body restraint


food tubes


Treat Delivery: Food Tubes for Training Dogs

NEW - Humangear Go Toob



Healthy Foods to Feed Your Dog
Human Food for Dogs
Six deadly foods for dogs by southeastmissouri1
The Secret to Filling a Food Tube - eileenanddogs
TRAINING TREATS Baby Food Training Dots
15 Toxic Foods Dogs And Cats Should Never Eat by Veterinary Secrets

food guarding see Resource Guarding


Distinguishing Ourselves as Force-Free Professionals
Do Some Dogs Need a Heavier Hand? Nicole Wilde

foundation skills

Index to Finding Dog Videos on Donna Hills utube Channels:

When your dog is free I am not


Don't Let Your Dog Run Over To Other Dogs! Kristin Crestejo
Don't Take Their Word for it!
Friendly Dogs By Eric Brad CPDT-KA
helping shy and injured dogs
It’s OK, He’s Friendly -
Kelly Gorman
MY Dog Is friendy - DINOS

What Can Your Dog see John Mcewan

frustrated greeters

Hyper Greeters (jumping up – extreme) Denise Fenze
My Dog Wants to Greet Everyone frustration
Frustration - How Your Dog’s Training is Going? We Can Help

frustration Human

Frustration - How Your Dog’s Training is Going? We Can Help

functional analyses
What is Functional Analysis for Dog Behavior?

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