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“The quick fix vs Doggy Dogma” Pt 1 by Jen Higgins
“The quick fix vs Doggy Dogma” Pt 2 by Jen Higgins


An Innate Brain System

raw food see BARF


A MUST READ What is Reactivity?
Aggression and Reactivity in dogs – Managing and Treating
Preventing Dog Reactivity with a Barrier
BATHROOM - How To Make an Indoor / Outdoor Pet Bathroom
BRAIN - It's Not Your Fault: Why the Problem Might be Your Reactive Dog's Brain

BUBBLES - Reactive Dog? Think Bubbles!
CURE - Is there a Cure for Reactivity
Hyper reactivity Karen Overall
More than Just Training: Changing Your Lifestyle to Change Your Reactive Dog
The Surprise Party Game: Reactivity Dog Training "barking at people"
CALM- Stay calm Dogs on leash
Definition Karen Overall
Dog-Dog Reactivity II — The Basics Patricia MCConnell Fence Running Foundation
Exercises for Your Leash-Reactive Dog Dr.
Sophia Yin
EXERCISE - Reactive Dogs and Exercise
E.book Reactivity e.book - “Yeah, my dog is reactive.” A statement worn like a badge of honor. "
Five phases of reactive dog ownership
HANDLING - How to Handle Reactive Dogs

How to manage a reactive dog - Patricia McConnell
How to live with a dog-reactive dog and not lose your shit: An (im)practical guide
Hyper-reativity Can hyper dogs become happy dogs? Karen Overall

LIFESTYLE - More than Just Training: Changing Your Lifestyle to Change Your Reactive Dog
MANAGING - Practice Makes Perfect: Managing Your Dog’s Reactivity
Nine Calming Aids for Fearful, Anxious, or Nervous Dogs
Polite Around Other Dogs Glasgow Dog trainer

Reactive Dogs in Multi-Unit Buildings
REACTIVE DOG - Things I wish I could tell you, from the owner of a reactive dog
Reactive Dog – Trigger Stacking - Stress Needs Time to Reverse
Reactive Rover- How to eliminate embarrassing behaviour - Kristin Crestejo
"Reactivity” and “Aggression” are two very different things by Patricia McConnell and Pia Silvan

REACTIVE- Help! I think my dog is reactive! What should I do?
REACTIVITY - Dog Reactivity – what actually is it?
Reactivity: Training vs. Management
REACTIVITY - What is Reactivity - Many of the behaviors that mark reactivity are also normal canine behaviors
Rodent Emotions Bottom of the brain! - Animal Models of Human Emotion

SPECTRUM - Reactivity is a Spectrum
Safety Cues - Cues for Reactive Dogs
Surprise Party Game - Reactivity Dog Training "barking at people, dogs, or things"
Training your reactive dog -Paws Abilities
Walking with a Reactive Dog
What Is a Reactive Dog - A sudden loud noise, for example, can trigger reactions in people such as a startle response,

What To Do if Your Dog Reacts
What Should I Do When My Dog REACTS?

Window Film

reactive dog classes



red zone dogs

The Making of a RED ZONE Dog: Why Are There So Many?


When Is It Time to Put Down a Dog Who is Aggressive to People? Patricia McConnell
REHOMING - When Rehoming A Dog Might Be the Right Choice


Why Reinforcement Isn’t Bribery
Kens Top tips

relax see Calming

Training by Repetition -
actually prevents learning for those with autism


Adopted - Train the Dog, Not the Story
Bringing Home A Shelter Dog - Elizabeth Claire Alberts
Do Over Dogs Pat Miller
5 Steps to Success with your Adopted Dog - A Guide for Adopters & FostersFrom First Date to After the Honeymoon
New Study Reveals Shelter Workers Often Mislabel Dogs as Pit Bulls
Playing Games with Shelter Dogs - Brenda Griffin 2014

Rescue Dogs: A Second Chance and A Life Well Lived
Shelter Dogs = Owner Irresponsibility
Sorry She's a rescue
STRESS - ASU researcher finds ways to reduce stress in shelter dogs
Stress Reduction Protocol for Dogs

What to Expect When Adopting a New Dog


The more control an animal feels he has over his own environment and the ability to be able to communicate (training) his needs, the easier he will find it to make good decisions and the more resilient he will be.
Can we increase it for the dogs by Patricia McConnell
Reactive Dog – Build Resilience

Why It Is Vital To Dog Behaviour

resource guarding

Are Dogs That Guard Resources Insecure?
Guarding resources is usually a manifestation of the dog’s deep-rooted insecurity and inability to cope well in a social situation, even with people and other dogs he knows.

  • An insecure dog can see anyone as a potential threat to a resource whether that resource is food, toys, space, a mate or access to a person.
  • A resource guarder will not tolerate competition and will guard the resource to maintain priority access.
  • The threat of losing the resource and the good feeling that the resource provides make a dog more vigilant, angry and irritable.

Assessment and Treatment of Resource Guarding
by Jean Donaldson
Dog to Dog Patricia McConnell
Food Guarding
Ian Dunbar
It’s easier to prevent guarding than to treat it.
Jean Donaldson
Object Guarding Pat Miller
Resource Guarding Victoria Stillwell
Resource Guarding: Treatment and Prevention - Patricia McConnell
Sophia Yin - Food Aggression: Ben Guards the Food Bowl
Treatment and prevention Patricia McConnell



R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out What it Means to Me—in Dog Training

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3 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Responding: Part 1
3 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Responding: Part 2
3 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Responding: Part 3

see "Fetching"

reward based trainiing - see positive reinforcement

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